They talk about us: our Woopak® x Paptic® quilt bag put in the spotlight

Woopak® x Paptic® innovations continue to make waves. Our Woopak® quilt bag made of Paptic® had been exposed at Luxepack Monaco in September and had been also highlighted in October Pap’Argus magazine. It was the first press release for Woopak® brand and we were honoured to be mentioned in their selection of innovative “eco-friendly” material substitutions thanks to our choice to use Paptic® material for our bags.

Woopak® x Paptic® products had been exposed to the LuxePack Monaco, the premier trade show for creative packaging.

LuxePack trade show took place in Monaco from Monday 27th to Wednesday 29th of September 2021 for its 34th edition. The Luxepack trade show gathered the best creative and premium packaging manufacturers. The fair had received 7860 visitors and 450 exhibitors from 98 countries.

It aims to present all the latest ideas and innovations disrupting the market in terms of design as well than sustainability. Since a few years, a special prize had been specially created to award the best eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions called the Luxepack in Green Award.

The ambition of this trade show is to promote innovative sustainable packaging to all major actors of the market.

We were proud to have our Woopak® quilt bag made of Paptic® exposed for this edition to illustrate one of the many possibilities of this innovative material made of cellulose fibers to substitute sustainably plastic in packaging.

Our Woopak® quilt bag had been exposed by Paptic in the Luxepack in “green” showcase of the trade. Last year, Paptic was particularly recognized for their positive sustainable impact at the Luxepack trade show. Indeed, the jury awarded them the Green Pack Monaco Jury Prize 2020 for their luxury polybag designed for clothing industry – a premium, high quality, and sustainable solution to replace plastic polybag.

Paptic quilt bag Woopak Luxepack in green 2021 showcase
Paptic quilt bag Woopak Luxepack in green 2021 product

Woopak® x Paptic® quilt bag is a great example of the successful marriage between Paptic’s innovation and 25 years of Accent Diffusion expertise in bedding and linen packaging.

Thanks to the high resistance and the flexibility of the Paptic® material, we were able to sew and add a zip on the bag in the same way as if we had used plastic but with giving the bag an “eco-responsible” dimension made of renewable raw material, recyclable, and reusable.

First press release in Pap’Argus for Woopak® x Paptic® collaboration.

In the October edition of the magazine Pap’Argus, our Woopak® quilt bag made of Paptic® had been selected to illustrate the actual trend consisting of replacing plastic in packaging.

Pap’Argus magazine is a French press specialist of paper and cardboard markets. Since there are more and more new alternatives on the market made of cellulosic materials, the magazine had dedicated a new section called “Subsitutions” to promote and present the latest innovations. Woopak® choice to use Paptic® for quilts and pillows bags is one of them:

” Quilts packaged in Paptic® bags

The Paptic® material slogan, “It’s not paper, it’s not plastic, it’s Paptic”, continues to catch on with customers.

The latest company to succumb to Paptic® is Accent-Diffusion. The leading European specialist in the production of packaging for bedding items (quilts, pillows, blankets, etc.) has chosen Paptic® to replace the plastic traditionally used to manufacture the bags used to pack quilts and pillows.

This choice is in line with the company’s values of sustainable development. Indeed, Paptic®, in addition to being a new material, bio sourced, biodegradable and recyclable, has exceptional physical resistance properties that allow it to be reused a great number of times. Thus, Accent-Diffusion distributes these items under its Woopak® brand (“Why Only Once packaging?”) which also guarantees the environmental properties of the material used.

Technically, Paptic® is composed of cellulose fibers, which are extremely long, resulting in high resistance. Moreover, no mineral filler is used in its composition, thus reinforcing the fibrous density of the material.

Note that these ecological virtues do not obscure its other qualities, including a resistance to tearing and breakage far superior to that of kraft paper.

Its flexibility also means that the suitcase will look less crumpled in the store than if it were made of kraft paper, which is important for the value of the contents and for the image of the brands that use it.

Last but not least, this material is soft to the touch, and can not only be glued, but also sewn, thus allowing the traditional means of closing these cases by using a zipper / zip.”

PAP’ARGUS 383 – Octobre 2021

Pap Argus Paptic Woopak quilt bag

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