WOOPAK® x Paptic® are in the latest issue of Haustex magazine to promote our bio-based quilt bag

Woopak quilt bag presentation on a paptic sheet

Woopak® x Paptic® continue to make themselves known on the European market. A leaflet introducing our latest quilt bag innovation had been printed on a paptic® sheet and inserted in the latest issue of Haustex magazine (January 2022). The objective is to allow readers to touch and feel the revolutionary wood fibres based material we use for the quilts, bed linen or pillows packaging developped by Woopak®.

Haustex is a German specialized magazine for bedding and household linen. Its readers are professionals and industrials of the sector from the manufacturers to the retailers. The magazine provides an expert insight into the latest innovations and trends in the bedding and linen market.

This January edition is all the more important as it should have been distributed during the Heimtextil fair in Frankfurt which is known as the largest international trade fair for home textiles. As the first trade fair of the year, it is considered as a strategic barometer of the climate and trends for the new coming year. Heimtextil usually opens the season for new trends and textile innovations. Due to Covid-19, the fair had been cancelled therefore this issue of Haustex magazine will remain this year the only innovation barometer for the actors of home textil

A unique opportunity to handle the latest innovation of our Woopak® quilt bags : the Paptic®

With this insert printed on a sheet of Paptic®, our customers will find out more about the Paptic® and better understand why we have chosen this innovative sustainable material for our pillows and quilts bags.

By having this material in hand, readers and those curious about innovation will be able to experience its exceptional physical properties:

Made of renewable wood fibers, it’s a revolutionary new material replacing plastic. Paptic® material is renewable, recyclable, reusable and sustainable, and therefore meets 100% of Woopak’s ecological commitments.

Woopak® keeps developping and asserting itself as the European specialist in eco-responsible packaging solutions

Woopak’s ambition is to assert itself as an innovative European player in the field of eco-responsible packaging. And why not, to reach a wider scope of actors and thus open up to more sectors.

Creativity and innovation are at the heart of Woopak’s DNA. We would be delighted to think with you about eco-responsible, renewable, recyclable and reusable packaging solutions.

Discover below the full article translated in English :

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