Familon chooses Woopak® to produce its new plastic-free packaging line for pillows and quilts made of Paptic®

Familon has developed in collaboration with WOOPAK® and Paptic® a new bio-based and easily recyclable packaging for pillows, quilts, and blankets which appeared in stores at the beginning of the year. That would equal for Familon brand to an annual plastic consumption reduction of one million plastic bags a year.

Familon Woopak Paptic pillow and quilt bags

A new quilt and pillow packaging design environmentally friendly

The packaging was developed in accordance with Familon‘s design philosophy with the Less is more mentality and there was a desire to cut it all out. This completely new type of pillow and quilt bag consists of a bag made of Paptic® and a cardboard roll, which also acts as a bag closure.

The old packaging for pillows and quilts was made of 8 fossil-based components: transparent plastic with polypropylene non-woven as the secondary main material of the surface, separately sewn edge band made from same nonwoven, nylon zippers with metal pullers, polyester rope handles with plastic and metallic eyelets, sewing polyester filaments, and cardboard insert. The model was a typical carrying bag, widely used for packed home-textiles in the markets.

Familon packaging new line for pillows and quilts had been completely redesigned and simplified. The new packaging consists of only 4 components – handle, banderol, and bag, plus sewing yarn – and wood-based 3 materials – Paptic Tringa®, cardboard, and cellulosic yarn. All three materials are fiber-based and so able to be recycled in the same recycling stream.

The new design without zippers and without all these classical parts made of different raw materials is a game changer in terms of sustainability:

  • It facilitates the production process which is, therefore, less energy consuming.
  • It is easy to recycle for the end consumer since it can be recycled in the same recycling stream with paper packaging and cardboard.
  • The material is also designed for longer life. Soft, safe, and durable Paptic Tringa® material enables to reuse of the packaging over and over again.

The brand also encourages consumers on its website to reuse the paptic® bag before recycling it. The pillow bag could be suitable as a mailing bag, or the larger quilt bag can be used as a laundry bag.

Renewable, recyclable, reusable and sustainable, this new packaging line for pillows and quilts meets 100% of Woopak’s ecological commitments. 

Paptic® material replaces plastic in this new pillows and quilts bags line

The material chosen as a perfect match for this packaging 2.0, is the innovative Finnish material: Paptic®. Its aestetics properties as well as its ecological benefits meet all expectations for this plastic-free packaging.

Paptic® is a new bio-based material made of wood cellulose fibres sourced from sustainably managed forests. This material is renewable and easily recyclable with cartonboard and paper packaging.

Paptic® material combines the best features of conventional materials which offers great possibilities in term of bedding packaging: 

  • Durable and strong
  • Foldable and flexible
  • Soft touch
  • Stichable
  • Recyclable

Custom made sustainable packaging solution produced by Woopak®

The production of this packaging was a great challenge for WOOPAK® and a great step forward in the development of eco-responsible solutions. To design this packaging, which is a game changer in the field of eco-responsible packaging, it was necessary to combine the expertise of three companies that shared the same eco-responsible values.

For WOOPAK®, it was a matter of simultaneously taking up the challenge of a new material and a totally revolutionary design in the production. Thanks to our almost 30 years of experience in developing custom-made solutions, we were able to develop a solution that perfectly met the expectations of our partners Familon & Patpic®.

Paptic Ltd  is a Finnish company which has created and has developed Paptic® material since 2015. Paptic®  is a renewable wood-fibres material reusable and recyclable. The material has been developed to replace and reduce the use of plastic in packaging. Paptic’s values are rooted in a respectful approach to the environment. www.paptic.com  

Familon is a Finnish sustainable bedding brand providing high quality pillows, duvets, mattresses, beds, and bedding textiles. Familon’s products are manufactured with responsible materials. Familon is part of Wendre Group, one of the biggest manufacturers of bedding products in Europe. www.familon.com

WOOPAK® is a brand created by Accent Diffusion to provide sustainable packaging solutions to the home textile and bedding market. All products are reusable, recyclable, and responsible packing bags. https://woopak.fr/  

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