Blanrêve goes with WOOPAK® for its eco-responsible kraft bedding packaging line

Blanrêve is the brand of quilts and pillows developed by the company LESTRA for the major French retailers and marketplaces. The brand is a reference in the French bedding market.

Innovation and sustainability have been part of LESTRA’s DNA for many years. In 2021, LESTRA reinforces its ecological commitment and replaces a large part of its plastic packaging for bed covers and pillows with WOOPAK® kraft packaging solution : the ECO-PACK is born.

The ECO-PACK, a kraft packaging for quilts and pillows dedicated to sustainably made products

Blanrêve encourages and promotes a more reasoned and responsible consumption. The quilts and pillows packaged in the ECO-PACK are made from materials that promote natural, recycled or organic products. The materials used can be the following:
Cover in organically grown cotton
– Recycled polyester microfiber cover
– Polyester lining made from recycled plastic bottles or from the collection of plastic waste on the beach 

A kraft packaging designed by WOOPAK® to meet the sustainable positioning of Blanrêve quilt and pillow collection

To support LESTRA in its transition to more sustainable products, WOOPAK® has designed a packaging solution for pillows and blankets made of kraft material in line with the eco-responsible positioning of the packaged products. 

Kraft is a material with very attractive ecological advantages. Made from wood fibers, kraft is issued from natural and renewable resources. To go even further in our eco-friendly approach, the kraft used by WOOPAK® comes from wood fibers sourced from sustainably managed forests to avoid depleting forest reserves.

At WOOPAK®, we are convinced that an environment-friendly packaging is first and foremost a packaging that is reusable. We have consequently selected a high quality kraft for the manufacturing of the Blanrêve ECO-PACK. Our kraft is more resistant than a classic kraft in order to reduce the risks of tearing. Our kraft quilts and pillows bags packaging can therefore be reused many times. Consumers are encouraged to give a second life to their bedding packaging by using it for example to store winter clothes, household linen…

The WOOPAK® kraft bag has another major ecological advantage related to the end of the product’s life since kraft is a recyclable material. This is an undeniable advantage because in France, paper-cardboard is one of the most efficient recycling channels after steel and glass. Indeed, the figures of sorting and recycling of household packaging published by CITEO in 2020 show a recycling rate of 64% for paper-cardboard in France vs. 28% for plastic.

Kraft pillow bag WOOPAK

The ECO-PACK is a kraft packaging solution for quilts and pillows that has been developed by WOOPAK® for Blanrêve to meet the quality, resistance and customization requirements of the brand while integrating an eco-responsible dimension that is valued by more and more consumers.

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