WOOPAK® won 2022 Packaging Innovation Award “Oscar de l’emballage” for its quilt and pillow bag made of Paptic® for Blanrêve brand.

Last week, WOOPAK® packaging solution for Blanrêve pillows and quilts made of Paptic® has been rewarded with a packaging Oscar in the category Transformation – Paper and Cardboard during a ceremony which took place in Paris and gathered nearly 200 specialists and decision-makers of packaging industry. This Packaging Innovation Award is the result of a fruitful collaboration between WOOPAK®, LESTRA and Paptic companies for which innovation and sustainaibilty are core values.

WOOPAK® is a new brand that has been introduced in 2020 by Accent Diffusion to offer eco-responsible packaging solutions to its customers in the bedding industry. Packaging solutions are designed to be both recyclable and reusable and made from natural or recycled materials.

Blanrêve is the brand of quilts and pillows developed by the company LESTRA for the major French retailers and marketplaces. The brand is a reference in the French bedding market.

Great achievement for WOOPAK® with this award conferred by packaging experts

« Oscar de l’Emballage » is a French competition existing since 1955. It is currently organized by Groupe Industrie Services Info (GISI) and aims to elect the packaging, innovation or optimization of the year. “Packaging Innovation” trophies are awarded in the following six categories: Transformation, Consumption, Production, Environment, Promising Start, Ecological Transition. On November 21, 17 laureates including WOOPAK® were awarded by the jury.

WOOPAK® eco-friendly packaging bag for Blanrêve quilts and pillows line has been nominated this year in the Paper-Cardboard Transformation Category along with Candia Packaging for the Nature de Breton butter paper packaging developed by Richard Laleu. Cosfibel premium for Chivas Ultis and two molded cellulose creations by James Cropper Colourform for La Vie est belle – Domaine de la rose by Lancôme and Pusterla for the Dom Ruinart champagne case.

Our quilt and pillow packing bag replaces plastic with wood fibers thanks to Paptic® material

Paptic® quilt and pillows bag was developed by WOOPAK® and BLANREVE to offer consumers an eco-responsible packaging solution. Paptic®, which is a cellulosic material produced in Europe, constitutes an innovative and differentiating choice to replace the plastic historically used to make this type of bedding packaging.

This unique material combines the best of the ecological features of paper (renewable, biodegradable and recyclable) but also offers a resistance to tearing and a flexibility far superior to the one obtained with regular paper or kraft thanks to the use of long unrefined fibers.

This packaging allows to move the lines towards more sustainability in the shelves of mass distribution.

Innovation and sustainability are the driving forces behind this packaging

The objectives of this packaging developed by WOOPAK® in collaboration with Blanrêve are the following:

  1. Remove plastic from quilt and pillow packaging and replace it with an ecological material: paptic® which is 100% made of wood fibers from sustainably managed forests, recyclable, biodegradable and reusable
  2. Offer an innovative and distinctive sustainable material made in Europe.
  3. Provide a robust packaging that can be reused several times but is also easily recyclable by consumers.

What are the key benefits of our packaging solution for quilts and pillows?

The main value of this WOOPAK® packaging is the innovative material in which it is made: Paptic® material has been chosen to replace the plastic (PE or PVC) traditionally used for the manufacture of quilts and pillow bags.

This choice is in line with the value of sustainable development that both WOOPAK® and LESTRA carry. Indeed, Paptic®, in addition to being made in Europe, is a biodegradable and recyclable material. The wood fibers used in the design of Paptic® come from sustainably managed forests. Finally, the production of Paptic® is also part of a circular economy approach, as this new material can be produced from existing production lines in the paper industry and does not require new investments.

Technically, Paptic® is composed of unrefined cellulosic fibers, which are extremely long, resulting in high resistance. Moreover, no mineral filler is used in its composition, thus reinforcing the fibrous density of the material.

In addition to the environmental benefits mentioned above, Paptic® provides exceptional physical resistance properties that allow our pillows and quilts bags to be reused many times. Thanks to its long fibers and a patented transformation process, paptic® has a much higher resistance to tearing and breaking than paper. Its flexibility also means that the quilt bag will look less wrinkled in the store than if it were made of kraft paper. This is important for the valorisation of the contents and for the image of the brand which uses it.

Last but not least, the material is soft to the touch, and can not only be glued, but also sewn, thus preserving the traditional means of closure by using a zipper.

The deployment by Lestra of our WOOPAK® packaging made of paptic® is a precursor in an environment where most packaging is made of plastic or kraft. It stands out from the competition because of its unique physical qualities, which in no way overshadow its ecological virtues.

Blanrêve is a brand from LESTRA company established in Touraine, in Amboise, BLANRÊVE has been putting its unique know-how as a French manufacturer of quilts and pillows for a century. www.blanreve.com

WOOPAK® is a brand created by Accent Diffusion to provide sustainable packaging solutions to the home textile and bedding market. All products are reusable, recyclable, and responsible packing bags. www.woopak.fr

Paptic Ltd is a Finnish company which has created and has developed Paptic® material since 2015. Paptic® is a renewable wood-fibres material reusable and recyclable. The material has been developed to replace and reduce the use of plastic in packaging. Paptic’s values are rooted in a respectful approach to the environment. www.paptic.com  

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