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French CEREC certified our WOOPAK® quilt and pillow bags made of Paptic® recyclable with Paper and Cardboard

The French organization for the Evaluation of the Recyclability of Paper and Cardboard Packaging (CEREC) has issued a positive opinion on the recyclability of our bags for bed linen, quilts and pillows made of Paptic® in the paper and cardboard recycling stream. This positive notice confirms that our bedding packaging does not contain any plastic and can be recycled very easily by the final consumers with paper and cardboard packaging.

A clear and simple sorting gesture for consumers is extremely important to ensure that bedding packaging bags will actually be recycled at their end of life.  

What is CEREC's role in packaging recyclability ?

CEREC (Comité d’Evaluation de la Recyclabilité des Emballages papier-Carton) is a French technical expertise committee created in 2006 by Citeo and Revipac for household paper and cardboard packaging. CEREC aims to help packaging manufacturers and marketers to assess their technical choices with regard to the recyclability of their packaging in the French system, while suggesting, if necessary, ways of optimization and eco-design.

Which quilt and pillow packaging are concerned ?

Our quilt and pillow packaging for which CEREC has issued a positive opinion are 100% made of Paptic®. The material is entirely made of wood fibers from sustainably managed forests – and has a zipper closure system. The packaging is reusable and recyclable. 

What does a favorable opinion mean for our bedding packaging?

A favorable opinion from CEREC certifies that our packaging is composed of more than 50% paper-cardboard and that the packaging is therefore part of the “Paper-cardboard packaging” sector. Seeking the advice of a recycling expert allows us to increase the reliability and accuracy of our sorting instructions.

This notice also confirms that our paptic® quilts and pillows bags contains 0% plastic.

Why is this good news for our consumers?

The CEREC is an expert organization that helps the consumer on the right sorting gesture at the end of the product’s life. The consumer can throw away his packaging in its entirety, i.e. leaving the closing system with the paper and cardboard. By simplifying the sorting gesture for the consumer, recycling is greatly encouraged.

The second good news is that the paper and cardboard recycling process one of the most efficient in France. Our comforter covers and pillows have more chances to be recycled in France.

Interested in a recyclable packaging ?

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