Case studies

BLANRÊVE opts for WOOPAK® and replaces plastic with kraft for its pillows and quilts eco-responsible packaging

Blanrêve brand, which belongs to LESTRA company, has successfully replaced some of its historically plastic bedding packaging with a new 100% kraft packaging to protect its pillows and quilts on the shelves of French supermarkets.

This ECO-PACK manufactured by WOOPAK®, was developed in collaboration with LESTRA to combine quality and eco-responsibility. It is a strong gesture from the brand to contribute to limit the production and consumption of plastic and to replace it by a renewable material from sustainably managed forests and easily recyclable.

This new range of bedding packaging is now in line with the ecological qualities of the products that are packaged (organic cotton, recycled plastic fibers…). The new quilts and pillows kraft packaging line can now meet the expectations of consumers who are increasingly demanding on environmental issues.

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Familon chooses Woopak® x Paptic® to develop its new pillows & quilts bags line

By replacing plastic of its packaging by Paptic® wood-fibres material and removing the traditional zipper Familon has totally disrupted the conventional packaging for the bedding market. Thanks to this new line of packaging for quilts and pillows, the brand should be able to reduce its annual consumption by one million plastic bags.

The making of this packaging is the result of a fruitful collaboration between Familon, Paptic® and Woopak® to work hand in hand to develop tomorrow’s sustainable packaging.

The package’s design was conceived by Familon as a return to the essentials and with minimalism allowing resource and energy. The Paptic® material chosen as the main material confers to the bag a real improvement in terms of sustainability: renewability of raw materials, recyclabity, reusability, resource efficiency and circular economy.

Woopak’s tailor-made expertise has made it possible to master this new design and this new material into a packaging that will probably be a game changer in its sector.

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Familon Woopak Paptic pillow and quilt bags