Accent Diffusion’s eco-commitment to provide sustainable packaging solutions to the home textile and bedding market now has a name : WOOPAK

Reusable, recyclable, responsible packing bags.


We use quality zips, allowing multiple and proper openings & closings of our bags.

We use proven quality materials, which will guarantee years of protection and storage.

We design our packing bags to enable you to imagine another use of our bags.

This is a prerequisite of our business model since 1994.


We offer sustainable materials and innovations to our customers, especially alternatives to plastic films, 

We have introduced kraft paper bags for quilts and pillows to the market since 2010,

We keep testing and submitting bio-based or already recycled zips, non-wovens, cellulose or cotton fabrics to our clients.

All our materials must be recyclable.


Green economy doesn’t mean green-washing to us. We take it seriously.

Resource efficiency and sustainability are nothing if they are not part of a well-defined ethical and moral framework, particularly with regards to working conditions.

Since the beginning of our activity, this framework has always been part of our DNA, and we believe that ecological transition is an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment.

Packing bags

Woopak Paptic quilt bag

Which material for a sustainable quilt and pillow bag

Due to changing consumer habits and anti-plastic legislationn the demand is growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions to replace the existing traditional plastic packaging for pillow and quilts. It is not always easy to know which solution is the best to choose. Here is a guide of the different options we offer at Woopak® for more sustainable pillows and quilts packaging with their advantages and disadvantages:

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