WOOPAK® x Paptic®: a co-branding revolutionizing home textile and bedding packaging

WOOPAK x Paptic co-branding logos

We’ve listened to our customer’s requests to offer and find more sustainable material alternatives and innovations to replace plastics in bedding and home textile packaging. We are delighted to introduce our newest co-branding collaboration with Paptic®. Paptic® is a wood-based material that is reusable and recyclable, perfect for the use in packaging for quilt, bed linen or pillow bags developed by Woopak®.

This co-branding is a step further in the evolution towards sustainable packaging.

What is WOOPAK®?

WOOPAK® is a brand created by Accent Diffusion in 2020, dedicated to all sustainable innovative solutions and materials for packing bags. We are specialized on fully custom-made bag productions, available to all home textile industrials or private labels. We truly believe in our capacity to impact positively and disrupt the actual market by creating tomorrow’s packaging.  

WOOPAK® name came from a question Why Only Once Packaging?”. To answer to this question, we based our ecological commitment on 2 core values:

What is Paptic®?

Paptic® was created by 3 Finnish engineers in 2015. To tackle the ecological issues of plastic packaging in the oceans, they were looking for a sustainable alternative. Paper packaging offers great properties such as recyclability and biodegradability but unfortunately are not resistant enough for most utilizations. Therefore the 3 researchers, decided to create their own material with the durability of plastic and sustainability of paper: Paptic® is born.

Its name is a contraction of “paper” and “plastic” since Paptic® combines the best features of these 2 materials.

How is it made?

Technically, Paptic® is made of wood cellulose fibres, which are extremely long, resulting in exceptional resistance properties. In addition, no mineral fillers are used in its composition, thus reinforcing the fibrous density of the material. The manufacturing process is very similar to that of paper. The wood fibre used is sourced from sustainably managed forest.

Why Paptic® is a sustainable alternative?

From the production to the end of life of Paptic®, all steps are designed to reduce environmental footprint:

  1. Origin of the material: Paptic® is made of renewable raw materials. Wood fibre is sourced from sustainably managed forest. Paptic® is certified OK Biobased® by TÜV.
  2. Life of the product: the high material strength and its softness invites to reuse many times the packaging.
  3. Circular economy: Conventional paper machines can be used to produce Paptic®, no extra investments in infrastructure are required.
  4. End of life: it’s easily recyclable with carton board or paper packaging. The recyclable chain is already existing for this new material.

Why we choose Paptic® for bedding and home textile packaging?

Paptic® is tomorrow’s packaging material available today, combining plastic, paper, and textile properties. It brings together sustainability, softness, and high material strength which matches perfectly with our products requirements.

Indeed, WOOPAK® packaging are mainly zippered bags for quilts, blankets, and pillows, and Paptic® brings them advantages such as:

  • An incomparable softness compared to other materials. Due to this flexibility the packaging will look less wrinkled than if it were produced in kraft paper
  • A high resistance to tear adapted to the weight of quilts and pillows packed which are heavy products
  • A safe packaging in many ways since no harmful substances are use in the production of Paptic®
  • Various thicknesses possible to best fit the packaged products
  • The possibility to be stitched and to add a zipper
  • A high quality of printing

Due to all these features Paptic® based packaging are fully customisable in term of sizes, shapes, printing and can be used for a large range of products.

At WOOPAK® we can now offer you with Paptic® packaging the best alternative that combines environmental properties, high resistance, and a tailor-made packaging.

Success case: Blanrêve®

Paptic Woopak quilt bag Blanrêve

Blanrêve® was a forerunner in the market by being the first French quilts and pillows manufacturer to use Woopak® solutions made of Paptic®. Blanrêve® products packed with our innovation had been introduced to the market in 2020, responding brilliantly to the growing trend pushing for plastic-free packaging.

Thanks to this innovation, our packaging is now perfectly in line with the brand’s desire to offer more responsible products with regard to their Planète bleue quilt which contributes to the fight against plastic pollution in the oceans.

Got interested ? Please do not hesitate to visit www.paptic.com to learn more about this material. 

Looking for a sustainable material for your packaging solutions ?

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